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Welcome to Psionic Warfare RP Wikia. This is a T1 RP group which uses classic RPG stats to outline the capabilities of characters and uses normal RP rules elsewhere.

The Psionic Warfare RP takes place on earth in the year 2025, The world has fallen into an apocalyptic stat which started in 2019. This apocalyptic era had begun with a single blinding flash of white light which enveloped the globe for a second before the very elements of earth began to rage. The earth beneath everyone's feet had begun to quake violently, tearing down buildings with ease, these earthquakes continued for what seemed like an endless time but was merely a few minutes, enough to tear apart the largest most well-developed of cities. Along with the earthquakes, enormous tidal waves had come to wreak destruction on par with the quakes. Very few areas were left unscathed. Due to the severity of the wars first few years, technological advances have been halted but something else has erased the necessity for such things in war.

2 Years before the war had begun, countless unidentified objects pierced the Earth's atmosphere and impacted the all over the earth. After their impact, the officials of each country quarantined them and began inspecting them, while they were unable to tell exactly what they were, it was determined that they were not product of humans by any means. They were named, Frames.

The two main forces of the world war, The Alliance and The Legion had discovered something that could tilt the scales of the war in their favour, Wielders, the name given to people born with the hidden ability to use Psionic powers. These Psionic powers were awakened by coming into contact with the Frames. Wielders are capable of taking control of the Frames, and with that came great power, these Frames were shown to be war machines, able to outclass anything that was a product of humans. Along with the ability to control Frames, Wielders are capable of using this Psionic powers to physically enhance themselves beyond human capabilities and use power such as telepathy and psionic projectiles.

This is what you shall be, a Wielder and with that, you are to have your own Frame.

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